Saeed Dehghani presenting at the CSCE Conference

Date: May 25, 2022

During the 12th annual CSCE conference, Saeed Dehghani presented a paper titled “MITIGATION OF HIGHER MODE EFFECTS IN CONTROLLED ROCKING WALLS”. In his paper, Saeed and the co-authors (Dr. Lisa Tobber and Amir Hossain Amiri) investigated the seismic behavior of the high rise buildings. In this regard, the effect of the outrigger system in mitigation of the rocking walls has been studied.

This paper explores various methods of reducing higher mode effects in controlled rocking tall buildings using a parametric analysis. A range of archetype buildings were studied using both linear and nonlinear time history analysis. Higher modes are mitigated using different outriggers’ locations over the height of the building. Analysis showed that outriggers located at the top provided a more desirable response than the mid-height. The results will help the practitioners with the design of controlled rocking high-rise buildings in Canada and worldwide.

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