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Rapid-Span Tour

The Rapid-Span tour was held by ASSET Group.

Lecture in Precast at UBC

A fantastic lecture by Mr. James Lockwood at UBCO was presented on the “Discussion on precast concrete in Canada: Advantages, Application, Future“.

“Precast Concrete Structures” Course at UBCO 

This new course has been offered by Dr. Lisa Tobber for the first time.

PhD student Chadia Uwamahoro’s Experiment Advances Understanding of Precast Concrete Seismic Response

Sometimes great work is all about establishing an amazing team.

In response to the gaps in scientific and practical knowledge of the seismic design of precast concrete buildings, the University of British Columbia (UBC) and the Canadian Precast/Pre-stressed Concrete Institute (CPCI) have partnered to create the UBC precast design studio.

UBC Precast Design Studio students are trained to design and analyze precast concrete elements.

Dr. Lisa Tobber conducted a precast direct study with three graduate students the previous semester. The studio has 28 participants in the second semester, with mixed of 4th-year undergraduate and graduate students.

In addition to class lectures, students learn different softwares inorder to design precast/pre-stressed elements, including Concise Beam and Response-2000.

Students work in teams to design pre-stressed beams that will be a part of the PCI Big Beam competition.