BC Housing Professorship in Resilient Reinforced Concrete Buildings

No single solution will be sufficient for addressing the challenges that face the province of British Columbia. With the advent of climate change, it is important that we act swiftly to safeguard our communities from the impacts of natural disasters. Where once we were only worried about energy efficiency, we must now put a similar focus on resilient design and development that protects against flooding, forest fires, and earthquakes.

The partnership between BC Housing and ASSET Group focuses on developing new solutions for RC construction, which is the primary construction material for mid-rise and high-rise buildings in BC.

The topics researched in the ASSET vary from:

  • Seismic and wind performance of typical RC buildings in BC
  • Assessment of existing procedures and methods for improved performance
  • Solutions for maintaining the functionality of RC buildings after strong earthquakes
  • Seismic design methods for precast concrete construction for mid-rise and high-rise buildings
  • Practical design of connections for hybrid systems (using different materials for lateral-force resisting systems and gravity force-resisting systems) in BC building construction.
  • Identifying specific challenges faced by RC buildings in terms of climate adaptation.
  • Structural performance of new concrete materials (i.e., green concretes, recycled concrete, ultra-high-strength) in BC building construction
  • Reintegration of Indigenous Knowledge in Engineering Research

Furthermore, we aim to incorporate sustainability, resiliency, and construction optimization in design procedures that considers a circular economy that results in more energy-efficient and durable buildings.

The partnership enables the ASSET Group to investigate and develop structures and materials that will empower BC Housing in meeting its goals. Furthermore, the sponsorship from BC Housing enables collaboration and partnership with industry and other funding agencies. Collaborations with BC Housing and industry will ensure that all stakeholders benefit while ensuring that BC continues to be a leader in sustainable building.


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