Innovative Solutions & Technologies for Construction of Sustainable, Resilient, and Cost-effective Buildings in Canada

The future trends of increasing population and urbanization pose severe challenges for governments, industries, and the general public regarding sustainable, resilient, and cost-effective infrastructure. The issues related to environmental impacts, energy efficiency, resiliency to natural disasters and climate change, and high carbon footprint also contribute to the challenges faced by the construction industry. Therefore, the construction industry must shift from conventional structural systems, construction methods, and materials for innovative, high-performance, and sustainable alternatives to meet these momentous challenges.

This partnership will have a broad and powerful impact. The research outcomes will add significant value to TEBO Group by creating new markets in device and building construction, showcasing TEBO Group as leaders in the construction industry. In addition, to this added value, the program will result in significant societal benefits, such as developing more efficient construction methods, which can result in more homes built, developing more resilient structures, which will be safer and improve the livelihood of occupants, and developing more sustainable buildings, which will help counter the effects of climate change. Overall, the TEBO Group and ASSET Group collaboration will ensure that the world-class innovative research we conduct is also practical – resulting in robust, green, and resilient home construction in Canada and worldwide.


Prospective Postdoc

Prospective Postdoc