Structural Engineering Seminar at Civil Engineering Department of UBC-V by Dr. Lisa Tobber

September 22, 2022

The role of ASSET group extends towards professional outreach. A recent seminar at UBC Vancouver campus in September 22nd, 2022 was delivered. During that seminar, described by a faculty member to be “worthy TED talk”, Dr. Tobber illustrated the current challenges facing structural engineering researchers including disaster resiliency, sustainability, and the urging need for reliable design provisions. At the crowded lecture  hall at CEME building, especially with a notable number of young female and international engineering students, Dr. Tobber showcased the current and prospective collaboration with cutting edge industry partners to solve a number of critical research problems through ambitious research programs and innovative systems.

As core components of the seminar, the influencing role of Dr. Tobber in the areas of Women in Engineering and inclusion of Indigenous communities and engineering into the current infrastructure projects was demonstrated. This interesting seminar was wrapped up with inspiring piece of advice on the upcoming professional careers of the students, leaving all audience impressed, including fellow faculty members at UBC Vancouver.