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We at the Advanced Structural Simulation and Experimental Testing (ASSET) Group deeply believe that a holistic approach, which considers the social, environmental, and economical factors, is critical in solving the vast engineering problems we are faced with today. Combating natural disasters and the climate crisis is going to take the ingenuity and creativity of an inclusive group of diverse individuals with a range of expertise and lived experiences. 

Our group aims to develop innovative technology, design methods, and construction techniques which will facilitate the construction of greener structures that are resilient to natural disasters. Specifically, we are experts in using large-scale experimental testing and advanced numerical simulations to understand the behavior of structures in earthquakes.   

Our goal is to make an impact, whether it is making engineering more accessible to all, making structures safer, or developing structures to be low-damage after powerful earthquakes. We work with industry professionals and community leaders to ensure we make a positive difference on the world.  

The ASSET Group is always looking for opportunities to engage with members from the industry, community, or academia. If you have a great idea and would like to collaborate, please contact Dr. Lisa Tobber at lisa.tobber@ubc.ca


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