Amir Hossain Amiri presenting at the CSCE Conference

Date: May 25, 2022

At the 12th annual CSCE conference, Amir presented his paper titled “Canadian design recommendations for diagonally reinforced coupling beams based on using a new comprehensive database.” In his paper, Amir and the co-authors (Dr. Lisa Tobber and Jeremy Atkinson) gathered a new comprehensive database of the hysteretic response of 51 diagonally reinforced coupled beams. With this new database, they identified trends between detailing choices and the hysteretic response and compared these trends to current Canadian codes. Specifically, the shear strength, initial stiffnesses, and strength loss were examined and discussed. It’s expected that this paper, alongside his studies, will result in several changes to the current CSA A23.3-19 design provisions, specifically a new type of beam confinement of diagonally reinforced coupling beams and a new value for total rotational capacity for this kind of coupling beams.

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