ASSET Meeting With the Management of Langley Concrete Group (LCG)

Date: May 27, 2022.

In ASSET Group, we all believe that having a strong bond with well-known companies in the engineering and construction industry would result in more understanding of the current problems these companies are facing. As an advanced and active company in the Precast concrete industry, we are pleased to collaborate closely with the Langley Concrete Group (LCG). With a full-time, multi-person Quality Assurance Team, LCG provides the customer, engineer, or municipality with accurate, timely Quality Control Reports for all the products we manufacture.

During the 12th annual CSCE conference, Dr. Tobber had a comprehensive discussion with Omelaniec Jason, the founder of LCG. During their meeting, they discussed the importance of resilient underground infrastructure and how this goal can be achieved. One of the outstanding services to the construction industry provided by LCG can be the production of precast pipes up to 3600 mm inside diameter. The application of precast pipes in urban and rural construction projects would increase the construction pace significantly.   

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