Dr. Lisa Tobber presenting at the CSCE Conference

Date: May 25, 2022

The 12th annual CSCE conference allowed us to share our findings with other researchers. As the leader of the ASSET Group, Dr. Tobber presented her paper with the title “Canadian seismic design considerations for outriggers used in high-rise buildings.” Basically, a damped outrigger system is an effective structural scheme that has been realized in Canadian construction in the past decade for resisting seismic and wind loads. These outriggers increase the stiffness of reinforced concrete core walls, reduce the moment demand within the walls, and add additional energy dissipation. In this paper, Dr. Tobber and the co-authors (Saeed Dehghani and Amirhossein Amiri) did a comprehensive parametric analysis by providing empirical relations for the dynamic response of outrigger buildings. Prototype outrigger-wall buildings were designed with the proposed design methods, and the challenges of designing these systems were discussed in detail.

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