ASSET Group Presents Their Research at the Canadian Conference-Pacific Conference on Earthquake Engineering 2023

June 29, 2023

The ASSET Group showcased their cutting-edge research at the esteemed Canadian Conference-Pacific Conference on Earthquake Engineering 2023, held in Vancouver. The conference provided a platform for the group’s exceptional researchers, including Chadia Uwamahoro, Mahya Moghadasi, Amiri, Saeed Dehghani, Dr. Mohammad Hosain Ahmadi, and Dr. Fawad Najam, to present their groundbreaking work.

Three compelling papers were presented, each contributing valuable insights to the field of seismic engineering:

1. “Seismic Provisions of Precast Concrete Shear Walls,” presented by Chadia Uwamahoro on behalf of herself and co-author Lisa Tobber. The paper delved into seismic provisions for precast concrete shear walls, a crucial aspect of earthquake-resistant design.


2. “Structural Parametric Study on Seismic Response and Higher Mode Effects Mitigation of Unbonded Post-Tensioned Precast Walls,” presented by Mahya Moghadasi. The research, co-authored by Mohammad H. Ahmadi, Fawad A. Najam, Saeed Dehghani, and Lisa Tobber, focused on a detailed parametric study to mitigate higher mode effects in unbonded post-tensioned precast walls, a significant contribution to enhancing seismic resilience.

3. “Review and Analysis of Codes and Experimental Tests for Steel and Steel-Reinforced Coupling Beam: Advancing Canadian Design,” presented by Amirhossain Amiri. The paper, co-authored by Lisa Tobber, offered a comprehensive review and analysis of codes and experimental tests, driving advancements in Canadian design practices for steel and steel-reinforced coupling beams.


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