UBC Professors and Officials have a discussion on Promoting Disaster Resiliency During Productive “Day on the Hill” at Canadian Parliament

May 15, 2023

A delegation from the University of British Columbia (UBC), including Dr. Lisa Tobber and Dr. Shahria Alam, engaged in a highly productive “Day on the Hill” at the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa. Joined by UBC officials Deborah Buszard (Interm President & VC), Lesley Cormack (Principal and DVC), Phil Barker (VPR), and Will Hughes (SoE Director), the group focused on promoting disaster resiliency and addressing the unique needs of rural communities through engineering research.

The discussions centered on the vital interconnection between research, education, and societal well-being, with a strong emphasis on comprehensive disaster management strategies. The UBC delegation expressed gratitude for the inspiring conversations and the commitment of all participants, eagerly looking forward to translating the insights gained into practical actions.


UBC’s engagement at the Canadian Parliament reflects the university’s dedication to meaningful dialogue and advancing research in critical areas. By advocating for inclusive approaches and tackling the specific challenges faced by rural communities, the delegation aims to make a lasting impact on disaster preparedness, response, and recovery strategies.

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